KDKZ Internet Radio

One of America's Truely GREAT radio stations is now streaming worldwide on a private basis.  KDKZ was founded in 1956 as an over-the-air station, KDKZ now sets the standard in internet radio broadcasting.

Special Notice

Access to the KDKZ streaming server is now only by invitation.

It has become necessary to restrict access to this exclusive site.  We are sorry that this has become necessary.

Coming in 2019...

KDKZ will be streaming 24 hours a day to better serve our listeners around the world!

Happening right now...

KDKZ is continuing to update its facilities and make the move to all digital audio processing.

At KDKZ, Our Listeners Love Us...

I'm so glad I discovered KDKZ.  I've been listening for years and they've got it all.  The music mix is superb and varied.  Not like many other statiions with limited playlists and a set rotation schedule.  Music selection here is thoughtful and mature.  When you add in sports, news and AccuWeather, they've got it all!


Eddie McCool

My life is busy and full of stress.  I don't have much time for radio but when I do...I listen to KDKZ.  No lame protest songs, techno-slop or talentless moaning performed by dreadful artists.  Every song they play deserves to be on!  I don't care about sports or news but that's covered too.  You simply can't have a better radio experience.


Holly Golightly

Hey, it took me over a year of trying to get access to their streaming server.  I'm glad I didn't give up because I finally hacked it and KDKZ is the only station I listen to now!  And, since they stream, I can always tune in.  Awesome!


Bitmap Kidd